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LPNOVA Board Meeting 9 July 2011 Approved Minutes

LPNOVA Board Meeting

2:00 pm on July 9, 2011

George Mason Regional Library

Annandale, VA

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 2:30 pm.

Credentials Check


· board members (voting)

o Matt Cholko (chair)

o Rod Severson (treasurer)

o John Fast (secretary)

· other LPNOVA members (non-voting)

o Chuck Moulton

o Ian Luria (

o James (

o Chris Parker (

o Laura Delhomme


· board members (voting)

o Kristin Pavelski (vice-chair)

o Matt Helm (at-large)

A quorum of 3/5 board members were present.

Without objection, Laura Delhomme was appointed to take the minutes of this meeting.

Approve Agenda

Without objection, the agenda was approved at 2:33 pm.

Board Member Reports

Chair’s report

· LPNOVA’s fundraising letter was sent since the last meeting

o Raised: $700.

o 300 letters sent, 5 returned undeliverable.

o Mailer definitively paid for itself.

· Chairman thinks it is time to do another fundraiser, but doesn’t want to ask people for more money until we have something to do with it. Some ideas presented by the group:

o Mike Kane’s campaign

§ Unsure if he is running.

o BBQ – Matt Helm spearheading, status uncertain

o November convention

Vice-chair’s report

· Kristin Pavelski did not attend the meeting.

Treasurer’s report

· We’re about even on cash for this year.

· Presented Profit & Loss Detail report.

Secretary’s report

· John Fast wishes to resign effective at the pleasure of the board, but no later than September 15, as he will be relocating to Florida in August of September.

o Discussion between board members regarding the ideal time for John to resign.

o Decision: immediate.

o Laura Delhomme has expressed interest in performing the role of Secretary, and volunteered to do so.

o A vote was taken, and Laura assumed the role of Secretary without objection.

At-large report

· Matt Helm did not attend the meeting.

Committee Reports

Events Committee

· Committee members: Kristin Pavelski (chair), Laura Delhomme, John Fast, Matt Fernandez

· Celebrate Fairfax was a success – success categorized as the booth was staffed, and lots of contact information was gathered.

o Action Item: Laura Delhomme will write a report (write-up, with metrics, and what we paid/gathered) and send this to Chuck so he can take it to the LPVA meeting in a few weeks.

Campus Organizing Committee:

· Committee members: Chuck Moulton (chair), John Fast, Matt Fernandez

· No action.

Old Business

Social media/website:

· No changes to web site since last meeting.

· Facebook ‘likes’ count went up exponentially in the last few weeks to 100 (LD: verify this, in my notebook somewhere..).

· Twitter has a few more followers (LD: Find notes on this).

Meetup groups/events:

· Defunct until someone becomes a dedicated person to be there.

o Discussion about who this person should be. Chuck was appointed. (Note: I have in my notes that Chuck was appointed, but don’t have it notated whether he accepted. Please confirm.)

· Chuck idea: for the next presidential debate, we should have a meetup/party.

Volunteer activity:

· Discussion on how to get volunteers more active

o Instead of a blanket “would anyone like to volunteer?” we should ask people specifically: “would you like to come help at this specific event?”

o Chuck to organize a phone banking event, but first we need a purpose.

§ Perks: Another source of contact, a good way to get to the magic “7 touches”, to get people to donate/vote/help, a means of generating a

§ Ideas:
-Remind them to vote for our candidates when the elections come up
-Remind them about upcoming events
-Call before convention to mind
-Call recently lapsed members

§ Discussion of places: Chris Brookover’s place was brought up but he was not in attendance, Laura’s place was brought up, but it is small.

§ Action Item: Matt Cholko will call Chris Brookover to ask if he would be amenable to hosting a phone banking event on August 2nd or 3rd.

§ Action Item: Rodney Severson will organize something (i.e., script) to call people with.

Without objection, the LPNOVA board recessed for 10 minutes.

The meeting was called back to order at 3:43 pm.

New Business


· Talked to the newcomers about their motivations for coming, and what kind of events they would like to come to in the future.

· Advice from James: When a Libertarian runs for office, they should ask questions like “what do you think about xyz issues” instead of targeting them based solely on party. “Target the other 50%”. People should coalesce around an issue. For example, someone in NY needing a fishing license to fish in the ocean, woman in Texas going to prison for spanking her baby. Coalesce around an issue and get support.

Ideas for events:

· Pool party: a pool party was discussed, as one of our active members has a pool at her house (Vienna). Action item: Matt Cholko will speak to the member about the pool party.

· BBQ: Matt Helm has organized and funded in the past, would like to delay the BBQ due to other responsibilities right now. BBQ idea tabled for now; if pool party does not happen, the BBQ idea will be discussed again.

· At Celebrate Fairfax, we discovered we are low on every single-issue brochure except for gun rights. Have ton of gun rights, almost no others. If we do more outreach events, we need to order more brochures.

· VA Republican presidential primary idea: if Ron Paul is still in the race, but clearly not going to win nomination, we should stand outside and get peoples’ contact information.

· Discussion of having Robert Sarvis come speak to group of LPNOVA members. Ken Vaughn also interested in LP outreach. Discussion about other parties coming out to talk to LP members.

o Criteria: As long as we don’t have an LP person in the race.

o Criteria: Nobody can encourage our members to switch parties.

o Criteria: They have to take questions, and cannot restrict the type of questions. IE, no “I won’t take questions about xyz”.

o Criteria: Has to be at a social event, but not an official LP event

o Criteria: Make sure they’re not loonies. If they’re loony, they have to be a member.

· Brochures for outreach events. Drug policy, equality, FIJA, cut taxes

o Rodney: moved to authorize Matt Cholko to purchase up to 5000 brochures of each topic. Laura seconded. Approved without objection.

· Door hangers event (). Need someone to organize.

· Possible upcoming events: Arlington county fair, Northern VA Brewfest (September, Bull Run park. Site says ‘check in September’), Herndon festival.

· Chuck: we should be following up with people who ask for info at festivals, etc. Outreach like that is a means to an end. The end is to get activists and candidates. Cholko says there’s a national LP process for getting an info packet, but Chuck says we should be following up with them on a personal level, by calling them, etc. Maybe at future events we should make a note of who talked to the person requesting information, so they can make that personal connection.

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