Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LPNOVA Board Meeting 2 April 2011 Approved Minutes



Present: Matt Cholko, Matt Helm, Rod Severson, Chuck Moulton, Laura Delhomme

1417: Call to order, agenda approved that the “Board Member Reports” segment is to be at “2:35pm”, not “12:35” as listed on the Meeting Agenda. Moved to approve by Matt Helm, seconded by Rodney Severson.

1420: Minutes of previous (March) meeting not present, approval skipped.

Board Member Reports

Chairman (Matt Cholko):
-Due to the LPVA’s Political Development Committee mailing going out this week, the decision has been made to push back the LPNova fundraiser mailing to approximately late April. The mailing will be sent to current and recently lapsed members.
-Matt Cholko thinks we should order a large number of #9 envelopes with LPNova information on them, to look more professional than envelopes with labels stuck on. Cholko to personally buy them and then donate to LPNova.
-Discussion of recent events: “Monday Libertarian Social” at Brion’s, and “Libertarian social evening” at Uno’s of Reston; both events had approximately 8 people turnout.

Vice Chair (Kristin Pavelski):
-Not present.

Treasurer (Rod Severson):
-Brought copies of the current financial report for LPNova. Pointed out the pluses and minuses since November.

Secretary (John Fast):
-Not present.

At-Large (Matt Helm):
-Discussion of upcoming BBQ season. Discussion of having a BBQ fundraiser in the next few months, and where to have. Date possibilities: Last weekend of May, first weekend of June. Possible locations: Bull Run, Burke Lake. Wants to start booking by the end of April. If anyone has any suggestions for locations or other logistics, they should email Matt Helm.

Committee Reports

Social Media Committee:
-Discussion of content on the LPNova fan page on Facebook. Laura Delhomme and Chuck Moulton have been added to the administrators of the page.
-Status of website. A discussion was held about the pros and cons of terminating the current setup (paying $200/yr to company to be webmaster and host) and instead having Laura Delhomme be the webmaster and the content hosted on Chuck Moulton’s server (cost: $0). Concerns were raised (by Rodney) about this being a volunteer organization, the current system works, no sense in changing it. Matt Helm made a move for moving to the “Delhomme/Moulton setup” once the site is ready (official board approval is reserved until actual content is ready). Matt Cholko seconded.

Events Committee:

Campus Organizing Committee
-Chuck looked into College Libertarians club initiation at George Mason University. Has downloaded the necessary paperwork, 12 signatures (presumably of current students?) are needed.
-Discussion about impact on campus. Chuck’s intent/best use for having a College Libertarians club: get LP presidential candidate (when we have one) to come to speak. Rodney suggested getting a group of people organized before the start of Fall semester to recruit people, pass out literature at a table on campus. Chuck Moulton could look into recruiting people from the Econ society.
-Chuck Moulton will look into compiling a list of colleges nearby, by either May or June meeting.
-Chuck has made clear he is not chair of the Campus Organizing Committee. John Fast has also said he will not be chair of the committee. The remaining member of the committee is Matt Fernandez.

Old Business

“Meetup Groups/Events” part of the agenda has been moved to New Business Section.

Candidate Recruiting
-LPVA Political Development Committee is currently calling folks. The goal is that this will identify potential candidates.
-This week there should be a mailing going out to LPVA and national LP members asking to run or donate $.
-Current potential candidates: Mike Kaine. John Fast has said that he would work with Kaine. Rodney to be treasurer. Laura Delhomme wants to help, Matt Cholko will contact Kaine.
-Matt Helm brought up a discussion about the validity of ballot signatures gathered in areas before the new districts are announced. Matt Cholko to look into.
-Matt Cholko kicking around idea of running for Soil & Water board.
-David Dotson (running for House of Reps in 11th district) needs a campaign manager, and a larger staff.
-Discussion about Leadership Institute training. No real takers yet.

1510: Recess

1526 Resumed

More Old Business

Website has already been discussed previously.

-Discussion on monetary goals, including the planned expenditures on upcoming events. There currently is no set schedule/list of events that LPNova will be involved in. “Celebrate Fairfax” is coming up shortly, not sure if anyone has started the process of signing up for it. Matt Helm will send an email to Kristin about movement on this event. Matt Cholko will also send a follow up email to the events committee for planning in general, see what they have planned for the next few months.
-$1,600 hole, needs to raise this amount.
-Matt Cholko is going to initiate a letter campaign, to go out at the end of April.

Regular Communication with Members
-Matt Cholko to make an effort to email members once a month, and will also send out emails for specific events and web site news.

-Certificate/plaque for Marta who has for multiple years been doing road cleanup in the name of LPNova’s adopted road. Aim to present at next event (BBQ?). Rod Severson and John Fast to buy/set this up.
-Matt Helm moved to authorize expenditures for up to $600 for literature and/or other swag to be given away at LPNova events. Rodney Severson objected, Matt Cholko seconded. A vote was held: 2 for (Cholko and Helm), 1 against (Rodney).
-Discussion of LPNova inventory. Some stuff is at Matt Cholko’s home, some is at Kristin Pavelski’s. Matt Helm is going to ask Kristin for a count/inventory of the stuff at her place.

1600 Adjournment (Matt Cholko moved, Rodney Severson seconded).

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