Monday, December 29, 2008

LPNOVA on social networks

LPNOVA members,

At our December meeting, we had a very spirited and substantive discussion regarding the formation of committees that would be the "action arm" of LPNOVA. We all had some great ideas but did not reach conclusion on exactly how we should organize themselves. Nobody said this was going to be easy, but hey, I'm just crazy enough to enjoy the challenge. At any rate, until we actually do form these committees, I think there are some things we can be doing right now. The underlying issue that I took from our discussions is that no matter our direction, WE NEED MORE MEMBERS. That being said, I would like to solicit volunteers from our humble ranks to create and maintain an LPNOVA site on the most popular networking sites: MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo! Groups, and LinkedIn. In addition, some of you may already be a member on Bureaucrash, a very popular "small L" libertarian networking site based in DC.
Let us know your thoughts: if you are interested in creating and maintaining a social page on one of these websites as a platform for recruiting new members, please send an email to me at or reply to this post. We are looking for people who are creative, handy with these types of websites, and dedicated to maintain our page on a regular basis. If you need ideas, you can go to and follow the links to the LP's social networking sites. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


  1. I started an LPNOVA group on Myspace a while back. Almost nobody joined it. I will check back into it and see what is going on. Maybe if we push it during meetings and get everyone to join, then get everyone to push it on their friends, we will get some members.

    My point - I think I can handle the Myspace group.

  2. Here is the URL for the group. JOIN NOW!

  3. UPDATE: LPNOVA now has its own Myspace profile. Please add "Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia" to your friends list and invite everyone you know to do the same. We will start a new Myspace group in a few days. Our account must be active for 7 days before doing so.

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