Friday, December 5, 2008

LPNOVA in '09 - What do you want to see?

At the December 15th Meetup we will discuss 2009 plans for LPNOVA. We want everyone to come to the meetup and give their input as to what they think we should do, but it would also be great to get a head start on this VERY IMPORTANT discussion. So, please use this post as a place to leave your thoughts and comments. The more ideas that better, so give us everything you have. Let's get a discussion going!


  1. There are three main things that I would like to see us do.

    First, canvassing - I think we should be doing it all of the time. I would like LPNOVA to get in the routine of meeting on one Saturday or Sunday morning each month and canvassing an area. I think we should pick two areas and alternate between them. This way, the people in these areas will see something from us at least once every two months. We can distribute issue specific material or generic LP info anytime, and candidate info during election season. Also, it will be good for us to have a canvassing routine down so that we can work as efficiently as possible during campaign season.

    Second, I think we need to have a presence at as many community events as possible. Gun shows are a great idea, but I think we should be at EVERY community event that we can find, afford, and have the ability to staff.

    Third, we need to be attending local political functions (board of supervisors meetings, school board meetings, etc.) and espousing the libertarian message to our elected officials. Also, I think that LPNOVA should draft official press releases stating the LP position on as many issues as possible.

    These are my thoughts. I would like to know what everyone thinks about these ideas.

  2. I think that the following post and this one are linked: what we DO will be organized by committees. There are many options available with the primary limitation being manpower. Therefore, anything we commit to should be high impact and integrated with a cohesive overall strategy.

    As such the primary initiative should be Growth. This is achieved through the Internet and community exposure. This will invariably lead to better fundraising and election performance. I think we need to get candidates picked out so we can focus our growth efforts in the related districts. I agree that we should have a constant presence and attend community events. We do not even need to be actively recruiting...simply showing up with t-shirts and participating as a formal group will be effective.

    To be specific (it is easy to talk in general terms and not actually get anything done) one particular event I'd like to see would be a speaker series. Given our location we have unique access to many leaders of Libertarian thought (George Mason econ department, Reason, CATO, National LP HQ etc). If we make these events fun and free to the public then they can listen and decide for themselves about the LP rather than us trying to push it on them.

    I would also like to see as much joint Republican / Democrat activism as possible. We agree on specific issues on both sides and it will benefit our mutual agenda and LP exposure to leverage these preexisting larger organizations.

    In addition to exacting oversight at government board meetings we need to make an effort to develop an ongoing physical dialog with our state and federal representatives. Beyond e-mail/phone campaigns for particular issues we need to go one step beyond and present ourselves as a voting block of import.

    That's all I have for now. =)