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LPNOVA Board Meeting 5 Dec 2010 Approved Minutes

GETTING CANDIDATES (Matt C): There are at least 50 seats available in LPNOVA territory, so as always if anyone knows anyone who might be willing to run, we should ask them. We want to find new candidates; at least one person (Mike Kane) has expressed interest. He is going to contact Kerry Bolognese who had a relatively successful campaign for delegate, and plans going door to door to everyone in the district, if possible. Matt Cholko will definitely not run, but recommends people run for Soil & Water Conservation Board. Mike Kane declares his candidacy for whatever seat Matt Cholko will not run for.

Discussion about the benefits of running for an obscure office.
Matt Helm points out we don't have the resources to adequately finance a run for major office.
Matt C. points out that chair of FCBS is a huge race, bigger than US House.
David Dotson says that if he runs again it will be for Congress. This means starting now.
Matt C. suggests Kristin's husband as a candidate.
There is some concern that sending out a mass email asking people to run might attract cranks.
Rod suggests that we have a Meetup all about how to be a candidate, fundraising, etc., in two or three months. Matt calls this "Candidate Training 101."
There is no point circulating petitions before districts are set.

No decision was made and no action will occur.

WEBSITE: Matt Helm says we're going to get a blog up on the front page of the website, using Blogspot. We have to generate traffic by making the website interesting, probably through the blog. Laura Delhomme suggests an RSS feed for candidates, Matt Cholko suggests that the blog include bills that we're following. Laura suggests using GovTrack.us and Matt Helm will look into this.

Matt Cholko will inquire with Mark Montoni and says we need a point person to supervise things. Matt Helm is concerned about the amount of work involved. Matt Cholko says that we have no presence at any of our local government meetings but many other LP groups do have such a presence. Chuck Moulton says that if someone shows up at every local government meeting for 6 months in a row the local government will generally ask if you want to serve in an appointed capacity. Rod Severson said that he had experience attending local government meetings and it gives you contacts with local politicians who will pay attention to what you say, and with volunteers (not necessarily Libertarian), and also can get one invited to non-public meetings such as budget meetings. He says it's not about publicity or influence but rather contacts, which get turned into volunteers, which get turned into votes. Chuck Moulton suggests that winning a race requires starting 6 years ahead of time, and that there are different ways of attending local meetings: be quiet, be loud, or be constructive. Matt Cholko asks what can be done to encourage local Libertarians to attend local government meetings.

BLOG AND WEBSITE: Matt Helm reminds us to focus on the website. The webmaster is Bob Stephenson. John Fast suggests Bruce Majors posting on the blog. Kristin suggests that each board member write the blog for one week. Chuck says that Cato has each "expert" write one day a week. Matt Cholko says that he wants to get non-board members to be more involved, including with the blog. Samantha volunteers to write for the blog. Chuck suggests that we make a list of people who volunteer to write for the blog, and Kristin agrees to keep the list. Kristin suggests there be a committee to oversee the blog such as acting as gatekeeper. Chuck suggests a single person.

Matt Helm appoints Kristin, Samantha, Laura, and Matt Helm to be the "Social Networking Committee."
They will discuss the blog via email and come back with a recommendation for the next board meeting.
They will also handle "social networking" i.e. the facebook page.

VICE CHAIR'S REPORT AND LOUDOUN COUNTY UPDATE: Kristin has no report or update but Matt Fernandez met someone from Loudoun County who is libertarian-leaning.

10-minute recess

Motion to approve the minutes, without objection.
Matt C. will send me invitation to post on the blog.

MEETUP: Kristin suggests having at least one event per month *not* at Brion's Grill, such as meetings with speakers, such as the TEA Party does: a place, some food, and a cool speaker. Brookover was the point person on this. Kristin will be the point person on the chair of the Events Organizing Committe, with Kristin, Samantha, Matt Fernandez, and John Fast. Dave Dotson suggests also doing something active such as protests, and Kristin agrees. The Events Committee will meet and report at the next meeting. Cholko says that snailmail is very helpful and suggests that Kristin, who does the Meetup group, will talk with Mark Montoni who is the Secretary of the LP of Virginia and has offered to help and can very helpful. Rod explains that Mark Montoni represents a particular faction of the LP who are very strict about the pledge; Helm confirms that Mark Montoni is great to work with. Cholko says we have to get the people in Arlington and Alexandria involved. Kristin asks for a good location for Meetups in Alexandria and takes down several suggestions.

Helm strongly recommends we contact the GMU Econ Society and Students for Liberty. Chuck says the Econ Society wants to be nonpartisan, but we can form an LP group on campus. Cholko sets up a Campus Organizing Committee: Matt Fernandez, Chuck Molton, John Fast. Matt Fernandez will chair.


Dotson campaign: Reports on what happened in previous campaign, and asks for help with a campaign manager and/or a fundraiser. Kristin suggests TEA Party meetings, John Fast suggests the Leadership Institute.

Matt Fernandez makes a presentation about this and the SSDP (Students for a Sensible Drug Policy) and has a sheet of information for the board meeting and says this is something that could be great for the LP, because the LP can get publicity and popularity with the public, and also that members of the SSDP are likely to volunteer to help LP candidates.

Rod makes a motion to formally invite members of the SSDP to an event (and Kirstin agrees) and to become LP candidates and also we should ask to speak at their meetings.

1. Invite SSDP to speak here about how we can work together
2. Ask to speak at their meetings
3. Invite them to an event
4. Ask them to support (or be) LP candidates

National SSDP meeting at U of MD March 17-19, 2011 and Matt Fernandez suggests we attend.

Kristin will post on the blog about marijuana decriminalization.

There was further discussion of whether there is anything else we can do.
The board will review the law and vote on whether to endorse it.

PAST EVENTS: We did Celebrate Fairfax, had several meetings at Brion's, and a fundraising picnic. We had more money for events and nobody to make them happen.
UPCOMING EVENTS: Kristin asks for suggestions. Matt Cholko says we should go to events in districts where we have candidates. Matt Cholko also says he thinks Celebrate Fairfax is good to attend. Matt Helm suggests we do the July 4 fundraiser as well. Kristin will come up with a list of 10 events.


PUBLIC TELEVISION SHOW: Channel 10 in Fairfax has public access. Kristin has set things up to have a regular show called Liberty News which will be broadcast on cable and YouTube. She is working on her first show and wants to do at least one event per month.

COMMITTEES: Matt Cholko says that committees can be very helpful, and notes that Kristin is on every committee (except Campus Organizing). Motion to send out a survey via email to all members asking for people to volunteer. Passes 3-1.

GOALS FOR 2011: TABLED UNTIL NEXT MEETING but Rod is optimistic based on numbers and enthusiasm here.


1. We will have a "Candidate Training 101" Meetup in two or three months.
2. Committees were appointed and will take actions (see below) and report at the next meeting
3. Matt Fernandez will contact SSDP. (See resolution above.)

SOCIAL NETWORKING (website, blog, public access TV): Kristin (chair), Laura, Matt Helm
EVENTS (including Meetups): Kristin (chair), Matt Fernandez, John Fast
CAMPUS ORGANIZING: Matt Fernandez (chair), Chuck Moulton, John Fast

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Get people to write for blog
EVENTS: Set up at least one meetup, plus ideas for at least 10 more
CAMPUS ORGANIZING: Contact GMU Economics Society and Students for Liberty, and start up separate campus LP group if necessary.

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