Friday, March 25, 2011

LPNOVA Board Meeting 5 Feb 2010 Approved Minutes


PRESENT: Kristin Pavelski, Matt Helm, Matt Cholko, John Fast, Chuck Moulton

12:15 - Call to Order, agenda approved without objection

12:30 - Minutes of previous meeting amended and approved without objection.


Chairman (Matt Cholko) – Sent out email about request for ideas. Did not send out email about candidates because wanted to coordinate with LPVA; will send in next 7 to 14 days (Feb 12 to 19) unless it conflicts with LPVA. Attended “Get Stuff Done” meeting.

Vice Chair (Kristin Pavelski) – Attended the “Get Stuff Done” meeting, and she will provide details of the meeting in a separate post.

Treasurer (Rod Severson) - Absent

Secretary (John Fast) – Attended Leadership Institute events, will report on them via blog. Found out how to “un-adopt” a highway: we must contact Cynthia Mercer,, (703) 383-2335 and tell her the location of the segment, and also give her our “certificate number” if possible.

At Large(Matt Helm) – Nothing to report.


SOCIAL MEDIA: Chuck Moulton is appointed to committee; Kristin will contact Laura Delhomme to ask her to be chair; committee will create treatment for new website

EVENTS: Recommends LP officially attend Herndonfest and sponsor “Making of America” event organized by Tea Party which is webbed at; these recommendations are accepted without objection. Also there will be an economics lecture (sponsored by the GMU Economics Society) at GMU this Monday (7 Feb). Also we should do a Tax Day rally, working with the NoVA Tea Party.

CAMPUS ORGANIZING: We will get Matt Fernandez’ contact information from Kristin and contact GMU Students for Liberty and GMU Econ Society and either start working with them or set up a separate GMU College Libertarians group.


Meetup Group – We voted (without formal objection) to approve LPNOVA officially announcing (online) and attending non-libertarian meetings such as Tea Party rallies, as long as the events are compatible with libertarianism. However, all such announcements will have a disclaimer. Kristin will contact Martha to set up events.

Candidate Recruiting – We haven’t heard from Mike Kane. We will call a convention to nominate Matt Helm for whatever office he decides to run for. Matt Cholko will designate someone to put together a plan for a “Campaigning 101” training event for candidates.

Website – Matt Helm will tell our webmaster to take down old list of elected officials; Laura Delhomme was proposed to be our new webmaster, and that decision was tabled and sent to the Social Media Committee.

NEW BUSINESS – Kristin Pavelski suggested that LPNOVA join Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce for $625/year. This was deferred to the budget discussion. We also discussed salvaging Bill Redpath’s emailing list, and found out this was not necessary.


NEW BUSINESS (continued) – Budget for 2011 adopted. (See attached page)

TABLED: Goals for 2011; fundraising plan; P.O. Box; new webmistress


Laura Delhomme will create treatment for new website

Matt C will send out email asking for candidates and will ask Mike Kane to call after that

Matt C ask state LP to pass resolution of thanks; send out a request for ideas to the board plus Laura, Matt Fernandez, Chuck Moulton, and the Moseleys .

Matt Helm to have webmaster remove inaccurate info (such as lists of officials) from our website

Matt Helm will investigate per Treasurer's request.

Kristin to do press release

Kristin will be asked to do press release on marijuana decriminalization bill.

John Fast will find out how to get the other sign removed.



6/2 to 6/5 Herndonfest $550

6/10 to 6/12 Celebrate Fairfax $125 + $120

7/9 to 7/10 Reston $500

8/10 to 8/14 Arlington $550

9/18 to 9/19 Wine event $550

October Brewfest $450

10/9 Clifton ???

11/3 to 11/6 Alexandria ???

10/7 to 10/9 Octoberfest Reston $1000


Events $2300

Swag $600

Website $200

P.O. Box $72

Leadership Institute training (Campaign Manager School and/or Future Candidate School) $500

Fundraising $450

TOTAL $4122

Notes: Need list of which events were approved. Leadership Institute training is sponsored by pledge from donor who will pay 50% of the amount, and expects the candidate to raise the rest of the funds themselves, or to do fundraising.